Farm Day tours to highlight 42 local farms

Maple, Lavender, Sheep, Goat and Cow Milk, Meat, Fruits and Vegetables are some of the agricultural products on the ninth annual Family Farm Day in Delaware, Otsego and Shohari districts on Saturday, August 28.

Forty-two farms: 11 in Delaware, 12 in Oshogo and 19 in Shohari – will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Temporary participatory farms are well-prepared to greet visitors, tell their stories, guide them to activities, etc. We encourage visitors to check out the new interactive map on the FDD website,, which directly links readers to farming sites that should have up-to-date information about FDD.

He said each farm visit would be different depending on the products offered. Some farms have hand-held activities or demonstrations of their products, such as maple sugar, beekeeping, cake making, wool processing and dairy production.

“People can choose the farms they want to visit,” said Jessica M. Holmes, a professor of agriculture and horticulture in the Shohari and Otego districts. To make the journey easier, it is best to map out the people you want to visit in advance. You can get ideas and insights into the farming community and see what goes on in the field. Visiting some local farms helps people connect with their food source. To receive specific visits, you can see a variety of animals, including cows, goats, lizards, horses, and more. On some farms there are also handicrafts, trips, and processions.

Cox said the FDD was launched in Shohari County in 2013 and hosted the Corneli Cooperative expansion in Shohari and Otsego districts. Three years later, the farm in Otsego County joined the tour, and in He said Delaware County Farms will join in 2018.

“The region is looking for an agricultural event that will provide an opportunity to raise awareness of local agriculture and help farmers build their customer base,” Cox said. After a few years of open farming in CCE Madison County, we provided a FDD model.

Due to the Covide-19 epidemic, last year’s visit was not a cox. Instead, we created a published, online farming guide for any farm that wants to be listed in the three counties. All that was done then was between farming and customers, that is, no event was required. ”

Also on the map is a list of local farmers’ markets. During the visit, many farms also participated in the weekly farmers’ markets, Cox said. He said farmers often stay away from farmers’ markets during the day so that they can visit their farms in the FDD.

The media release listed the following ethics for the safety of everyone: “Pets are not allowed on the farm; Gob visitors should stay in the area where they stay on the farm. In accordance with COVID-19, we ask Family Farm Day visitors to comply with any health and safety protocols requested at each farm.

Gob itors are encouraged to bring refrigerators or coolers for perishable items.

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