Farmers are interested in showing what they are doing

This year’s Henley Agriculture and Country Exhibition will provide a great incentive for farmers and the community at large.

That is what Peter Webb, chairman of the Henley and District Agricultural Association, is organizing the event.

Following the cancellation of last year’s cholera epidemic, the show will return to the Henley Show on Marlo Street.

Mr. Webb, who took over as chairman of Andrew Ingram last March, said: “We did not want to miss another year. That doesn’t convey the right message.

We know we can and should do it, even if we have to make a very quick turn.

“Normally, when a show is over, we start for the next show, but in June it was a run.

The committee and show writer Joe Taylor have been under a lot of pressure but they have passed and we have put on a show for everyone and we hope people are there.

Attractions include four show rings, the main one featuring a variety of attractions, including light business driving, cattle, classic car and tractor parades, show jumping and private driving.

More than 150 cars and tractors are on display, and the winning exhibitions will take part in a grand procession.

According to Mr. Webb, farmers will continue to work during the outbreak and the show will help people understand what they are doing and what they are doing.

“That’s why we have things like shaving – to help people understand a little bit,” he said.

“Most of the people here are surrounded by the countryside, so it would be good for them to learn about what is happening here.

The presence of things like a companion dog scene also allows people to come and hold hands instead of being spectators.

“The Equestrian Show is great this year because other scenes have been canceled and our members are looking forward to meeting again on social media.”

Other attractions include Richard Savori and the sheep show and the dog show, hawk, and heavy horse show. Giant turtles from the Seychelles are also returning.

Sheep and cattle classes include unusual breeds, and the organizers hope to have pig lessons for the first time this year.

There will be many different types of chickens and ducks, a chicken tent, a garden tent with gardening questions, crafts and a marketplace, and experts in the food and wine market. The corresponding dog show will receive entries on the day.

Mr Webb, who lives with his wife, Louise, a midwife on the lower deck, said steps would be taken to curb the spread of cholera.

He said, “Normally, people should stand on their shoulders and the merchants will have their own areas and their own gazebos.”

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