Farmers are thankful for the agricultural budget, with a little bit of bitterness

He was pleased to present the government’s first agricultural budget and a number of initiatives.

The only budget for agriculture has been approved by one and all. “It’s good for the sector. The initiative to increase the number of farms and other plans listed in the budget is very encouraging.

He appreciated the 32 2,327 million budget allocation for crop insurance, which he thought would be the first of its kind. The initiative to promote organic farming and diversification, measures to increase milling, value-added and the introduction of an agro-industrial corridor between Turuki and Ngapatina have also been widely accepted by farmers.

“It is heartwarming to see that the crops grown in all the districts are equally important. The steps taken to promote frozen storage facilities and motivate young people in agriculture are commendable.

Cauvery S. Dhanapalan, Secretary General of the Cauvery Farmers Protection Association, welcomes action to establish Namizhvar Organic Agricultural Research Center and the introduction of Tamil Middle Education at TNAU. The government has suggested that farmers be given a place in the agricultural sector. He said he was disappointed that farmers did not know about the pension scheme.

Farmers generally feel that the popularity of paddy and sugar cane incentives has fallen far short of expectations. “We expected Paddy’s encouragement to grow to at least ₹ 500 quintals,” said Mr Danapalan.

Secretary-General of the Indian Farmers Forum, GS Danapati, on his part said the 150-euro special incentive for sugarcane was below expectations. “We expect the purchase price to rise to at least ₹ 3,000 and a further gradual increase,” he said.

“DMK has promised to increase Padi’s purchase price to 500 2,500 quintals and 4,000 tons of sugarcane,” said President P. Ayakanu. Price for agricultural production.

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