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Jakarta (Antara) – The exchange rate has risen 1.16 percent from July 103.40 to 1.16 percent due to rising exchange rates in the food, vegetable and fish sub-sectors, according to Statistics Indonesia (BPS).

“If we describe each sub-sector in detail, the exchange rate of the farmers increased by 1.39 percent due to the increase in the index, it was 96.31 in July 2021; It rose to 97.65 in August, ”BPS chief Margo Youno said in an online press release from Jakarta on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, in the smallholder subsidiary sector, the exchange rate of the farmers has increased from 119.10 in July to 122.55 by 2.90 percent.

The exchange rate index rose from 103.92 to 104.52 in July, and the exchange rate of fishermen and fishermen also increased by 0.58 percent, he said.

In the agricultural sector as a whole, two sub-sectors have experienced a decline in the exchange rate of farmers: Eurono.

In the horticulture sector, the index fell 1.12 percent from 101.45 to 100.01 in the previous month, he said.

The livestock sub-sector also declined by 1.33 percent in August from 101 to 99.66.

However, he said, the exchange rate of farmers has increased by 1.16 percent (monthly).

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BSP also looks at the growth rate of agricultural trade. The difference between the exchange rate of the farmer is the price paid by the farmers. “Agricultural trade rates are really high for agricultural businesses, including the purchase of capital goods,” he said.

The data show that the exchange rate for farmers is about 1 percent (monthly), which includes food crops, smallholder farms and fisheries sub-sectors, fishermen and fishermen.

He said the rate of trade in agricultural crops increased by 1.24 percent from 96.60 in July to 97.79 in August.

Agricultural trade also increased by 2.58 percent on micro and smallholder farms, up from 119.94 in July to 123.04 in the sub-sector.

The fisheries sub-sector also contributed to the overall value of agricultural trade in August, which increased by 0.51 percent compared to July, he said.

The fisheries sub-sector, which includes fishermen and fishermen, each contributed 0.47 percent and 0.60 percent to agricultural trade in August, he said.

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