Farmers’ unions have protested in the town of Himachar over the price of an apple

Hundreds of farmers have gathered in various parts of the state in protest of the regional government’s failure to meet the demands of Apple producers.

Despite the rain, farmers marched to the wholesale market to demand better prices.

Apples account for about 90% of the state’s vegetable production, and fruit producers are frustrated by the commission’s low prices and exploitation. They are also blaming corporate cold stores for adjusting the minimum rates for standard apples in the market.

In the village of Shimla, he staged a protest at the office of the Deputy Commissioner. Farmers’ leaders have criticized statements made by Minister of Urban Development Suresh Bradwaj and Minister of Garden Development Maherder Sin Takur.

Lawmakers Mohan Lal Brakta and Rakeh Singh also took part in protests in Roro and Tiog.

Harish Chahan, chairman of the Himalayan Case Manch, called for government intervention to raise the minimum cost of support (MSP). The 6,000-crore economy was in crisis.

The protesters, in conjunction with the APMC law, demanded that the government implement a market intervention program on the Kashmir lines at various levels.

The fruit farmers also demanded that the commission’s agents cancel the various deductions. At the sub-level level, each SDMs and tehsildars presented a charter of questions.

Other demands include compensation for losses caused by natural disasters and water shortages, and renewals for fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, fungi, and other expenditures based on product weight. He also asked for the availability of affordable quality items through the Department of Agriculture and Fruits.

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