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Legends emerge for Isa Rodeo

Mount Isa, one of the great events of the annual calendar, has become a great weekend for recreation and recreation – Mount Rodeo.

It was late in the evening, and it was a little dusty.

The event certainly brought a wide range of age groups, including eight-year-old Byron Kirk and 16-year-old Charlotte Johnson to 90-year-old Bob Holder.

There was an opportunity to get to know some local legends, and four new names were added to the Hall of Fame. We also took many photographs of the crowd as people from Australia flocked to Rhode Island on Fridays and Saturdays.

Ika continues the celebration of excellence

While the show has – unfortunately – not continued, there is still a chance to celebrate last week’s winners in Eka.

Although there is no regular dinner, there is still a chance to honor the RNA Paddock, including Aurelian Pastor Arbi Company, Palgrov and the Humble and Shanno families.

There were some fast-paced pillars in the lead race when 16-year-old Hydon Betty asked for the award.

To further refine Ekka’s faces, here are some snapshots from 2010.

Receives employee incentives

It is no news that the shortage of manpower is having a major impact on the agricultural world.

With this year’s summer harvest predicted to be big, and a large cotton crop expected in the summer, there must be a large manpower to meet demand – a matter of government and international borders.

Agriculture is included in the short list of industry professions for hunters to help Covi recover from the Australian economy.

One industry has come up with a new way of deceiving workers – especially gardening victims.

$ 100,000 for workers who volunteered to help the Queensland strawberries harvest – as well as a chance to win a regular salary.

Initiation Over the past few months, more than 1,400 people have registered – 1,500 in the past month.

Congratulations on your new job

Need a local brew? These days, the local drinks are spoiled for choice.

A new project to celebrate the Midwest towns of Longreck, Winston and Barclays has produced three beers.

The goal is to set up a community-owned brewery that adapts to local production as much as possible.

So far, locals are paying tribute to the character of each city, saying it is a natural fit.

In Wombay, they decided to venture into local production, creating a district of freshly ripened sugar cane and organic rum – including sugar cane.

Co-founder Michael Conrad said this is a natural fit, Queensland is one of the top 10 sugarcane growers in the world.

Charges of horse cruelty

Following the news of last week’s shooting of 41 horses near Longreck, a man was arrested on Mount Issa for allegedly injuring animals.

The man appeared in court on Friday and is being investigated.

If you know more, contact Crime Stoppers or call 1800 333 000.

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