Fayetteville ‘You, Me and We’ Garden is accessible to residents on Murchison Street.

Merchison Road is one of the most popular streets in Whiteville.

It is home to Whiteville State University, one of the most prestigious historic black colleges and universities in the country. In addition to FSU, EE Smith High School is only a few miles away from Seabrook

Road. The City of Whiteville is working to renovate the Mercedes Road corridor, which begins.

It ends in downtown Fort Bragg and Whiteville.

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Through the Murchison Election Project, the city is working with other government agencies to improve the living conditions of residents, primarily in the African-American region. However, there is a non-profit organization owned by Patriots that wants to contribute to the growth and development of the Merchant Road corridor.

Southern CC Inc., founded by Tony U Brown. He, you and I have created a universal community garden less than a mile from Murchison City House, the center of Merchison Choice Project. In his proposal, South Cice Garden “will provide fresh organic produce and a place for healing and positive social interaction to improve the safety of the community for those who do not serve in Whiteville,” he said.

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YMUS currently covers 2 acres off 201 Stackpole Drive off Murchison Road. The garden is home to South CC-born goats on the property.

A young man enjoys playing with you and me in a universal community garden with his goats.

In addition to the goats, there is an earth-wide way for visitors to walk in peace and tranquility. The veteran organization plans to continue its commitment by providing garden beds to fallen heroes. South CC also wants to partner with the Autism Association to provide a safe haven for people with autism.

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