FC Bayern introduces new “official home and gardener”

Bayern Munich has a new “gold partner” – Ainhel Germany. The family-owned business, located in the lower Bavarian city of Landow, is now FC Bayern’s “official home and gardener”. Ainhel manufactures a variety of power tools and power tools – some of which are now available for purchase at FC Bayern logos!

About the new partnership, FC Bayer CEO Oliver Khan said: This “cruel, impulsive savage” [‘always keep going’] Attitudes not only in football but also in business are key to success. So we are very happy to be a partner in the future for such a competent and ambitious company like Enhel Germany A.G.

(Editor’s note: How come Bavarian grass works were not, at least not recommended in this agreement?)

Andreas Croiss, general manager of Ainhel, commented on the partnership. “FC Bayern is a global brand in world football, with a clear strategy and a passion for success. We, Enhel, also live by this standard. As a tool supplier and gardening tool, we were one of the first companies to focus on sustainability. Wireless mobility. In Germany, we are the market leader with our products in many areas. This underscores our desire to play a leading role in all of the markets in which we work with record holders and two-time triple winners. FC Bayern Munich also helps to increase the awareness of the ENEL brand as it is globally similar to German quality.

One of Einhel’s stated goals was to replace gas-powered lawn mowers, trimmers, and other garden tools with battery-powered tools and motors. Together with Enhel, FC will implement a strategy to move away from gas-powered engines.

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