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Visit Hills and Dales Estate, one of the best gardens in the 19th century in the United States, according to a press release from Hills and Dals Estate.

In 1841, after being given land by her father, McKelberry Ferrell, Sarah Coleman Ferrell began expanding the small formal garden, started in 1832 by her mother Nancy Coleman Ferrell. Between 1841 and 1903, Sarah planted thousands of bok trees. Later, its garden became known as the “Fairll Gardens” and was hailed as one of the most beautiful gardens in the southeastern United States. Sarah’s original designs are still available today for stone walls, chests, and steps.

In the 1890s, young explorer Fuller E. Calaway visited her garden often with Mrs. Ferrell, and she was so impressed with the plants that she hoped she could buy them after her death. A.D. In 1903, Sarah Ferrell’s actions at the age of 87 did not pave the way for her favorite gardens, and she did everything possible to maintain her gardens until her husband, Judge Blount Ferrell, died in 1908. A.D. In 1911 it was bought by Fuller and Ida Casen Calaway.

Shortly after acquiring his historic property, Fuller E. Calaway, then a successful textile manufacturer, ordered the Heinz and Atlanta Building Offices to design their new home. The house was built on the site of the old Ferrell home, and was built in the style of an Italian villa to complement Sarah Ferrell’s four-acre[10 ha]boxwood garden.

A.D. Completed in 1916, Calaway House is widely known as the Nail Ride’s best designs and is known as the “American Renaissance.”

When Ida Kassen Calaway took charge of the garden in 1912, she began rebuilding and later expanded the gardens.

According to Neil Reid, ancient fossils and fossils have been added to complement and enhance the Italian character of the garden.

Ida loved to keep track of wooden boxes and beds, and add other highlights to the garden until she died in 1936.

Beginning in 1936, Fuller E. Calaway, Jr., and his wife, Alice Hand Kalaway, took care of the home and garden, giving them the same loving attention. A novice gardener, Alice initially hoped to take care of the historic Ferrell gardens, but over the years she became a successful gardener.


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