Finally the state for central tribal varsity

The forum for the establishment of a tribal university in the state seems to have finally been cleared.

Although the establishment of the Central Tribal University of Jakarum in Mulug Woreda was approved by the AP Reorganization Act 2014, the certification remained unresolved eight years after the division of the state. The state reiterated the point at a meeting of the Southern Zone Council Standing Committee in Qero on Saturday.

Representatives of the Department of Personnel and Training said the Dopit would follow up with the Ministry of Interior and other relevant ministries. The details of the project report and other formalities have been completed and the matter has been approved by the Union Cabinet. The cabinet is expected to make a decision next month.

The state has confirmed that the pending payment of 25 25 to Horticulture University will be cleared soon. Certification Special Secretary of Finance and State Reorganization K. Ramakrishna and Rao have called for the immediate release of Horticultural Varsity funds. The Ministry of Home Affairs has confirmed that the Indian Agricultural Research Council has been instructed to release the pending volumes. ICAR, for its part, has announced that the university has completed its audit and that the audit is underway and the funds will be released.

Mr Ramakrishna Rao is said to have urged the Indian National Highway Authority (NRA) to take immediate steps to improve road connectivity in the region. Representatives of the HIA said that Telgana has a longer national highway compared to the national average, but noted that efforts are being made to further enhance relations with the state.

The South Zone Council has announced that it will take concrete steps to resolve 24 out of the 89 points in the marathon, including 3 points related to Telangana. Prior to the 30th SZC meeting scheduled for August this year, member states and trade unions were asked to submit new issues.

Mr. Ramakrishna and Rao, who led the delegation from the state, sought an SCC meeting in August, such as the establishment of an integrated steel factory in Biafra in the Kammam region and pending pending train trainings in Caspian. It is learned that the Union Ministry of Interior has assured him that notifications will be sent to the relevant ministries to clarify the pending issues.

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