Find a new author for a book in Minnesota

In the Great River Regional Library system, a book, Minnesota, is in its 5th edition, this time featuring author MarcĂ© R. Rendon and the book “Murder on the Red River.”

I was delighted to interview Marcin at WJON’s “It Matters with Kelly Cordes,” and I was delighted that Marcy was selected as the fifth book of a Minnesota novel for a book. I asked her where she got her inspiration for the secret book, and she said she had read many types of criminal investigations.

The character in the book came to her mind, and he really asked her to write the story. It is one of those things that she cannot ignore. The protagonist in her raw book is Anishinababe, a 19-year-old girl who was raised in a foster home as a child. She is now a farm worker and swimming shark in North Dakota. When a dead body is found in the river, her life changes completely, and her sheriff’s longtime friend asks for her help. She has some skills that you can learn by reading.

Marcy has completed two other books in the series, and I hope you will join the reading to help us honor this talented local author.

If you want to meet Marcin, an imaginary author meeting will be held tonight at 7 p.m. The event is free and you can sign up now by clicking here.

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