Find dirt on the ‘good’ thing when you buy soil, compost and compost

Every gardener needs the best soil for his garden. How do you know your soil is “good”? What do you add to make it good? When you go to a kindergarten or a big box store garden, look for bags of things that are familiar to you, such as backyard soil or lush or mushroom rot.

Which one do you use for your garden? And what about vegetable mixes for landscaping companies or freebies in a solid waste facility? Can you plant in it?

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It is confusing. For example, compost can be used as a vegetable soil, or as a lush, or as a fertilizer for native soil in your garden. And what is the difference between mushroom fertilizer and fertilizer you make in your own yard? Let’s start with the soil – what is it and what makes it ‘good’?

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