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Kathton Community Home Coordinator Kat Mansbridge and Skills for Life Coach Alex Graham can help you get back on track with your goals.

For those who have never had a job or are not confident about returning to work, it may be difficult to know where to start.
If you are involved with NDIS, you may face additional challenges.

The local NDIS provider is now partnering with the Kineton Community House to help participants get back to work.

There is so much to do to get a job, and this coming eight-week, one-day, one-week course will help students identify areas of interest, build relationships, manage stress, and even share ideas on how to dress. For an interview. Participants will also study food handling and first aid, making sure they are ready for assignments in different areas.

Kath Mannensbridge specializes in helping people make connections with the Kentonton community.
Students, who will stay for an additional eight weeks, will be able to apply for assignments in areas such as hospitality, childcare and horticulture for a total of 16 weeks.

Regardless of your area of ​​interest, whether in office management or the arts, Kath and course coach Alex Graham help students find opportunities in local settings.
Special Options, an NDIS provider with offices in Kinneton, Senbury, Bindigo and Melbourne, will be supporting participants to attend the course soon, starting Monday.

Katherine Woodger, coordinator with DO Connect Kyneton, builds people’s confidence in the workplace settings and their support staff is always on hand in the classroom, to make this experience as enjoyable and enjoyable as possible.

“We strongly believe that the whole community will benefit when everyone has a chance to contribute,” said Katherine.

Alex provides all learning content from the Kenton Community House, and special options support staff can assist participants with any additional support outside of the classroom to ensure that participants can monitor and benefit from it.

This is a real opportunity for regional participants to connect with local workplaces, which could lead to future employment and greater freedom.

Any NDIS participants interested in participating must complete the Service Agreement with Variation Options and can call Catherine Woodger on 0417 098 365 for more information.

For more details on course content, results, and job opportunities, you can contact the Catson Community Community at Katsa Mansbridge at 5422 3433.

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