Firecrackers fire in Texas after panic erupts in Middle East

History updated at 3 p.m.

Students set fire to the East East High School toilet Friday morning, exacerbated by fears of a recent school shooting in Texas’ Uvalde that killed 19 students and two teachers.

On Friday afternoon, a parent posted a message on Facebook about a Middle East teacher taking action to protect students from possible harm. The post clearly shows the shock of the incident:

“We had a terrifying experience at Central East High School this morning. Students, teachers, and parents were terrified and were afraid we would not be able to practice praying. And for a while, we all guessed the worst. I would like to thank the teachers and staff who took immediate action to keep our children in the classroom. I was shocked to hear from our children what their teachers had done to protect our loved ones. Teachers standing in front of a closed door and such love for their students … I can’t thank you enough. The parents of the children you despised today may not know each other, but I promise, we know you and we thank God for you today.

The Central Unity School, which sent a news release on Friday, said no one was injured.

“Please note that all students and staff are safe and regular school activities,” the district said.

Counselors and mental health professionals are available on campus on North Cornelia Road, west of Highway 99, to assist students in need of any services.

The district provided a link to the National School Psychologists website to assist parents in discussions with their students.

He said regional authorities were investigating the incident.

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