Firefighters say not everyone wants Kovid bullet changes

Vaccination orders could cause Valley Valley firefighters, MTA and paramedics to lose a large portion. This is what the Yakima Fire Protection Association says in a letter to Governor Jay Insley.

Yakima Firefighters International Firefighters Area 469 posted a letter on Facebook asking the governor of Washington State to reconsider the immunization mission for firefighters, MTAs and paramedics. Retirement. Governor Jay Insley told all firefighters, paramedics and MT. Everyone should be vaccinated by October 1, but in a letter to the governor, they said they did not agree with the union’s Facebook page.

Not all firefighters, paramedics and paramedics need the vaccine

For the past two years, they have worked on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19 with insufficient funds and equipment, but they are still able to do so. A letter signed by the union president and executives from the West Valley and Sela Fire Departments: Most firefighters, MTAs and paramedics are vaccinated, while some oppose the vaccine. People who do not get vaccinated by the regime may lose their jobs. The valley is a major concern because it puts “significant” firefighters and other professionals at high risk for many communities.

Union officials are asking for a weekly test in lieu of a vaccine

They say they do not believe the vaccine was intended. Instead of forcing vaccines, they are asking the governor for a weekly check-up. There has been no immediate response from Governor Jay Insley. The letter was posted on the Union Facebook page.

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