First COVID-19, then Drought-Pine River-Barus Community Garden Needs Help | Eco Journal of Pine and Lakes

“A lot of people don’t want to come together,” said a Cass County Health Initiative TV partnership teacher. We even had trouble organizing meetings for the garden.

Now, a year later, the local soccer field had to partially reimburse the rent due to the drought, as the local soccer field built new bathrooms and discounts.

“We have a drought,” the White House said. And then I think the water was cut off because they worked on the football field in early May.

Individuals, in particular, persevered by watering their plans at the same time.

“I think a couple decided to go out and bring their own water to the garden and so on,” White House said. But now it’s too bad. It is yellow with weeds everywhere.

Now, White House hopes that with a little help the garden will be back on track. Volunteers began to gather to re-evaluate the garden and finally help clear it for the winter. Two major gardeners are helping to develop plans.

“We have big plans for the garden,” Whiteite said. They want to do some things, such as orchards, a mushroom area, a shade room, and perhaps a garden for children.

Large-scale plans are underway, including soil improvement, new weed control methods, multi-pipe connections for easy watering, and continuous fertilization of vegetable soils.

But the project will take more people than it currently has. Of course, when the updates are complete, they are looking for people who want to rent a plot.

“We need people who love gardens and orchards and anyone who wants to help,” said White House. He just needs a lot of work now and he can’t be just two or three people. We need more people who can do it all in one or two nights.

Cass County has already provided financial support, donating money for high-volume land and fence posts among other items, and White House thinks there will be some financial support again. He hopes to earn more money.

In other communities, American Legions, VFWs and Lions Clubs often provide ongoing funding for community gardens, he said.

“I know the lions in Remmer’s garden have donated $ 3,000 and are giving him $ 500 a month to support the garden,” he said.

In addition to money, the gardener can use an abundance of cardboard for weeding.

Meeting days

  • There will be a planning meeting at the garden on Monday, September 13 at 3 p.m. Those interested in helping can contact Simon White at 218-547-6843 or at the Pin River-Barus Community Education Office at 218-838-1476.
  • There will be a garden renovation day at the garden on Thursday, September 16 from 4-7 p.m.

Travis Grilller is a staff writer for the Eco Journal of the Pinnacle Cakes in Peacock Lakes / Pine River. It can be reached at 218-855-5853 or

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