Fizzy Mizzy Sweetspire is coming in 2022 to test all your boxes

Norman Winter Tribune News Service

As gardeners begin to look forward to something new in 2022, a new native plant will come to your garden to entertain you all. The plant I am talking about is Fiji Mizi It Virginia or Virginia Sweet Spray.

Although they are called Virginia, they are natives of 20 states and Washington DC and must be among the natives. Fizzy Mizzy is the sweetest Virginia vita you want to see.

In fact, Tim Wood, or The Plant Hunter, says, “When choosing plants for certified winners, there are many ideas to consider. I want plants that have many seasons of interest, compact and low maintenance. If it blooms in that garden center, wonderful. Add fragrance and contrast, even better. Fizzy Mizzy inspects multiple boxes. Garden space is expensive, and plants should be available.

Known for its daisy flowers, such as the supernatural petunias, the superbels calibrachoa, and the superbena verbena, certified winners are setting up shrubs and trees to meet the growing demand for plant material throughout the landscape.

Over the past few days, Dallas gardener Sarah Ann Brown has been telling her Instagram followers how the color of spring burgundy is developing in Little Henry Virginia. All desserts burn in color for a long time to come.


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