Flies unsuitable for throwing on Adelaide

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As efforts continue to control the region’s horticultural flies, up to 20 million flies are released into the sky over Adelaide each week. Flies will be released from low-flying aircraft as part of an ongoing campaign against 12 different epidemics. “Male fruit flies need female flies in areas where there are outbreaks, which will prevent them from reproducing and disrupting the life cycle,” said David Basham, the first minister of industry. “Also, from our aircraft, our bio security officers are releasing up to six million fruit flies in Adelaide every week.” We expect fruit flies to reactivate as the weather warms and epidemics throughout Australia. The government is working closely with the industry to make big preparations to fight fruit flies. “So far, the government has spent $ 40 million on the 12 epidemics in Metropolitan Adelaide, as well as in five states and one port. Augustus. Mr. Basham said fruit flies could threaten thousands of jobs and have a significant impact on our $ 1.3 billion horticulture sector. “Crowding of wild people with clean flies will stop their breeding and now is the time. Of course, the weather is warm and the flies will be more active,” he said. Working with the residents to remove fallen fruit and remove ripe fruit from trees to reduce the amount of fresh produce available to them. Fruit flies lay their eggs in the fruit, grow into worms that cause the fruit to ripen, and when it falls to the ground, the worms dig into the soil to complete their life cycle, becoming flies from the ground to reproduce. Fruits are restricted to 18 epidemics and are expected to remain in effect until December. Australian Associated Press

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