Florida Exhibition 2022: Introducing the Green Holiday

April 14, 2022 Florida, International Horticultural Exhibition, Opens its doors in Almerie, Netherlands, and welcomes visitors from all over the world for the “Green Vacation”. Bluelope spoke Hans Bakerer, To learn more about the Florida Expo 2022 CEO, about this special, six-month event.

After a 40-year career, Baker was retired after a 40-year career and began working as a strategic consultant at Floriade Expo 2022. Shortly after he joined the group, he saw how he could improve, and he was asked to become an executive.

“I’m from the exhibition and the assembly industry,” says Baker. For 15 years I was the CEO of RAI Amsterdam, the largest convention center in the Netherlands. So I have a lot of experience in exhibitions. The International Horticulture Exhibition is really different, by comparison Exhibitions That only lasts for a week. But there are many similarities. ”

I hope to add some value in the coming months and beyond to create this amazing Floyd Exhibition 2022.

Florida origins

Florida, International Horticultural Exhibition Holland But when the first Florida was held in Rotterdam every 10 years since 1960, Baker said, the roots would soon be restored.

“Before World War II, there were gardens in the Netherlands. These were named after Flora. It was a more national event, but it was beautiful. Last week I saw the 1936 event catalog and there are some similarities.

A.D. In 1960, Florida became an international event. Explaining its origins, Baker says:

After World War II, everyone was busy returning to normal life, with food and shelter. And in the late 50’s, people came to the stage and said, “Well, I not only want a house and food, but we also want to have a garden and do fun things again.

Accordingly, and as part of the revival of the city of Rotterdam, the old idea of ​​the Flora exhibition was adopted in 1960 and became Florida.

Florida will improve


The program has grown exponentially since the early days. Paying more attention to biodiversity and the role that different plants can play in Florida are now very different.

“Initially, he focused on flower gardens,” says Baker. But from 1960 to 2021, this was improved in the field of ornamental plants. Over the years, he began to include vegetables and food. Over the past few decades, Florida has become more sophisticated, and many technologies have also been identified.

“In 1960, it was about living a good life in your home and garden. And in fact, this first idea is to have a healthy life now. You need to live in an environment where you feel good and live a healthy life.

“Right now, this Florida has the theme of growing green cities, so it’s more or less focused on better and more green in the city. We offer green solutions that make our cities more fun, beautiful and make them Sustainable. ”

Growing green cities

There are four sub-headings in this overall green city development theme. These are: developing the city, feeding the city, making the city healthy and revitalizing the city.

First, it explores how greening the city greening cities and urban spaces. This visit shows visitors the role that each species can play and invites them to get lost among the arboric plants and trees. Green future.

Florida Station

Meanwhile, feeding the city focuses on food production in the city. It covers topics such as experimental agriculture and horticulture, urban agriculture, artificial food, nutrition, health and sustainable agriculture.

Healthy City Syndrome looks at how fresh air, water and soil help us stay physically and mentally healthy. Finally, revitalizing the city provides sustainable ideas for generating, storing and saving energy.

In addition, there is a strong arts and culture program as well as exciting attractions such as cable car.

Florida 2022 is coming to Almer

Next year, Florida will move to Almeri, across from the capital IJmeer. Amsterdam. This is one of the planned cities in the Netherlands, founded in 1976. It was built around a sociologist Ebenezer HowardThe concept of a “garden city” to achieve harmony between urban and rural areas.

Arborret North-East Drone View

It is an ideal location in Fleetland, about 30 miles[30 km]from Amsterdam. It’s a fun place, ”says Baker, because it was not there a few decades ago. It is a new man-made land on the old Zuiderzee beach. There is a unique combination of water, land and air that makes the area so special.

“Almere is also growing fast. It is expected to become the fifth largest city in the Netherlands in 10 years. As it grows, maintaining a balance between the built environment and greenery becomes a key challenge.

Stimulating visitors

Florida aims to motivate visitors during the six-month race. One of the highlights, says Baker, is the arbor –

“We will also have a special arbor that will shape the green structure of the expo. You can bypass the trees, shrubs and plants in an alphabetical encyclopedia. At the expo we will have 650 different types of trees, all of which can be grown and grown in this particular area. There is a lot of clay, because it used to be part of the sea.

“What makes this arborret unique is that all the trees and plants contribute to a healthy, green city.

Floriade arboretum

There are all sorts of ways to get inspired on Floriade. From the greenery of your city or home, you will enjoy only the beauty of nature and the plants and flowers that can grow here.

“About 40 countries will have their own tents and Garden. They show how to green the city, how to feed and stimulate the city, and how to stay healthy. There are also many national participants. They showcase their industry or products from their industry and green solutions and innovations.

“The program goes hand in hand with a 5-minute ride in a cable car. Pass through the beautiful landscape and see all these beautiful gardens and plants and flowers and trees. It will also show you how future cities view this sustainable use of urban cable cars.

Florida for the future

“This year’s Florida is also unique, because it’s not the only one World Exhibition. In addition to closing the event, the city of Almeri decided to develop a sustainable urban environment. The arbor will stay there and other parts of Florida. After the expo, the Florida Station will be rebuilt in a new, green, car-free city district called Hortus.

Floriade_cable car

“This is our sustainable approach. We are preparing the green structure and exhibition and then we are preparing to continue the development of the city.

Effect of Covidy-19

Of Global epidemic It has had a huge impact on the attraction industry over the past 18 months. But Bucker hopes to return to normalcy when the Floriade doors open in April 2022:

“We will open on April 14, and we will close on October 9. When we get here, we think people in our basin will be vaccinated. Of course, we are still preparing to do it safely and in fact, a lot of Florida will be out of the air.

Floriade_2022 Cable Car

Sustainability is key

Theme Sustainability It passes through the heart of Florida. Baker says this is important.

“Florida always shows all these beautiful plants and flowers, so we were always about nature. We all live in nature. But in the last century, of course, we have not been strangers to that nature. So, I think it is very important that we become part of nature and transform our lives into ecosystems where we live in a healthy way and at the same time, let everyone know in a healthy way for the earth. , This will support the future. ”

Floriade_view from cable car

“This is the basic idea behind Floriade, and we come from the fruit and vegetable industry. There is no other industry that is more closely related to nature than the fruit and vegetable industry. Therefore, in order to be sustainable, we must take the lead in research and exhibition.

By 2050, 68% of the world’s population will live in urban areas. So this is the main thing we know.

The International Horticulture Exhibition Florist Expo 2022 gives a bright outlook for the future. It shows green solutions to make our cities more vibrant, sustainable and more enjoyable.

New technologies for green living

With this in mind, the Florida Expo 2022 will also highlight some of the new ones Technologies The ever-increasing population of the city is helping to provide green living in the city.

“One of his ideas is to return to the idea of ​​enjoying local food,” says Baker. “What is better than the local food you grew up in the city? You can see all kinds of examples in Florida. You can grow your food in the city by supporting new technologies such as urban agriculture, landscaped gardens, etc.

Imagine recreation Florida in

“The whole food chain will change a lot in the future and you will see people getting their food locally. The place near you is definitely your own city, and there are many new ideas on how to develop that. This is one of the things you can explore in Florida. ”

Florida is preparing to embrace the world

Floriade_cable car passengers

An estimated 2 million visitors to Florida are expected to attend. Of these, 300,000 will be from the fruit and vegetable trade.

It is an exciting opportunity for many companies, especially the fruit and vegetable industry itself. Both for these 2 million people and especially for these 300,000 business visitors. This includes Professional people Participants in the industry as well as people working in related industries.

“We are now working to find sponsors and partners. It is growing well. ”

Showing the Netherlands

Florida’s overall goal is to give people the opportunity to be inspired in the fruit and vegetable sector. This year, the mission is relatively broad, says Baker, with the addition Art and culture Program, as well as the future city project in Almeri

“The key goal is to show this new city Almer, how it has grown so far, and plans for a green future. For that city, for a newcomer, about 50 years old, it’s a big challenge. It is interesting to see how the city can move forward with these ideas, and how the people can develop a healthy life.

“It really goes hand in hand with the theme of the Florida Expo 2022, which is growing green illustrations.

Complete by adding backer:

“The Netherlands is a very small country. But when it comes to horticulture, it is the world’s largest exporter of fresh vegetables and is still the world’s largest exporter of cut flowers, ornamental plants, flower bulbs, trees and seed potatoes.

“We have a rich history in horticulture and horticulture research. We will partner with universities, as well as all other institutions in the Netherlands. It is an important industry for our country. And we’re proud to have the opportunity to show it to Florida every ten years. ”

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