Follow nature and use contrasting colors in your garden

VGrowing gardens has been one of the most untouched joys of the past two years, and I have recently enjoyed traveling around Kerry, admiring many beautiful landscapes. It is always good to see what other people are doing, the herbs they are mixing, the styles they are using, and the results.

When I visited, I saw in the distance a large, steep, two-dimensional Tactical hive. My special favorite, I was amazed to be able to pull it off. The flowering stems were growing near Verbena Bonarinis, where they could grow easily. Beyond them was a thug, a purple harvest anemone, and the color combination was really one thing. When I called, the whole area was alive with butterflies. They really enjoyed the wonderful sunshine we had last week, as it really did bring life to the flowers.

Using such complementary colors together, Tactical Purple is a pale monument with anemone rose, creating a calming, calming scene. Both Verbena and Thalictrum are tall, grow up to two meters in height and can be very fragile and fragile on their own trunks, but as they grow together, they seem to be intertwined with some medium-height producers. It is important to remember that if one or the other is planted separately, especially in windy conditions, it will protect the wreaths that you see lying on the ground after a strong wind. You can kill them using bamboo sticks or metal rods designed for this purpose, but it is not very beautiful, so as not to waste time and instead, enjoy the color and shape of the mixed cappuccino with such a mixed plant.

Another way to use color is to add contrasting colors. Then the result will be more calm and relaxed and more active and in front of you. I have seen many opposing associations in my garden recently but the one that impressed me the most was the Rudbekia Goldstrum mix with black eyes, bright golden flowers with black eyes and a truly amazing, dark burgundy red dahlia arabic night. It’s not a combination I’ve seen before, but it’s one I try myself. It sounds so disturbing that it should not be done, but there is a saying that there are no colors in nature. Not everyone agrees, but on paper, bright yellow and deep red can be very difficult for anyone to try to mix and match in this garden.

I On my travels I had to visit one of my favorite places in Ireland, the beautiful Carrie Park. Once I walk in the door, I feel calm, there is a lot of tension or noise. Of course, the most important thing about lands here is that they are natural, they do not interfere too much, they are more manageable than protecting invading species. Unfortunately, the current owners of the hotel are doing a great job of securing and upgrading the spaces here and adding more sidewalks and small facilities. They are real explorers who enjoy it. As I walked along the sidewalk, I punched fresh berries with a fist and, if I had the feeling, I could fill my bag with figs, hips, and jaws. Better yet, I decided to leave the place to keep the birds and other wildlife that they call home.

Cream white field in nature.

As I approached the main hotel, the Hydra and Limitite light plant was in full bloom and could easily enjoy the summer sun, standing proudly and reflecting the sun’s rays like garden beacons. The beautiful conical, white, terrified flowers are the perfect, efficient but low choice to plant next to such a beautiful, gray limestone building, it is easy to make a mistake by planting something very ugly and beautiful.

The simplicity of the individual species is important to correct.

It was one of the best displays I had ever been able to admire in full bloom, as I was standing on the road outside of Kindergarten. I looked to my left and there was a field, perhaps two acres, filled with purple loosestrife and field flowers. It was simply fascinating, such a perfect mix of colors and textures and you, in the wild, have never been left untouched by nature.


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