For 2021 Kilnsey Show and Sports is an action site

The show is all set and is set for next week’s much-anticipated annual weather event at the 124th Kilsey Show.

The organizers of the Upper Warfadele Agricultural Association are reporting strong entry levels for the show on Tuesday (August 31st), with the show finally being compared to 2019 in the shadow of the famous Klinsky Craig.

Inputs in the popular Equal Classes have increased by 30 percent this year, giving more space to all-way action, with a new Craven Country Ride platform for horse racing and more entertainment.

For safety reasons registered for the High Fall competition, the maximum entry limit is 100, and the production, craft and fruit and vegetable courses are again well supported.

According to the rules of the British Harsing Racing Club, racing again provides a perfect finish for a happy day.

Pre-sale online ticket sales were very strong and are available online to to show the date – a QR code is sent to mobile phones and scanned at the door to enable quick and easy access. Card fees will also be charged at the door.

“Everything is designed to be bigger and better than ever,” said Chris Windle, chairman of the show. The display field is in perfect condition, along with other restrictions that allow us to conduct the entire event in a VV-safe manner. All entertainment is available and the weather forecast looks good. All we can say now is, ‘Bring it on!’ ”Only.

Full details have been posted on the show’s website.

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