For a more uniform climate, plant height ventilation room in each greenhouse column

The climate of the greenhouse is controlled by a climate computer with a number of measuring boxes. Dutch company Caeli is now launching a new greenhouse climate solution on the market, which, according to the developers, is aware of many climate variations in the greenhouse. “The computer does not know about climate change in the greenhouse. Our proprietary solution provides this awareness and protects it completely by minimizing climate differences.

A balanced greenhouse climate
“Of course, we should not tell a parent that small climate variations have far-reaching consequences for farming. After all, every gardener knows that a balanced greenhouse climate is important and that there is a consistent approach to farming. ”

Their solution involves integrating a small and individually adjustable Kali ና ventilation unit in each greenhouse column with plant height.

“The next generation has taught us that the air above the screen can be used to improve the greenhouse climate below the screen. Kali ይሰ provides you with a smart solution to shift the air above the screen to crop level without making any adjustments to the standard screen. System. We use integrated ventilation in the greenhouse structure, which emits and distributes air. This allows you to effectively moisturize your greenhouse without sunlight. ”

And there is more. The ventilation units are individually controlled and equipped with temperature and humidity sensors. Each ventilation unit can use data from these sensors for environmental control. According to a clever algorithm, the fan moves the air in the greenhouse completely automatically.

According to the developers, “This system will reduce the greenhouse climate and effectively dry out the moisture.” The smart positioning of individual controlled fans allows air to escape through the greenhouse structure and be distributed near crops, maintaining the same climate in the greenhouse.

“Caeli ይሰጣል offers a unique complex monitoring and control network in a modern greenhouse garden! And it is effective because it gives you more control over your production and harvest forecasts, ”concludes Kali’s team.

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