For Tycoon Kibe as a visionary, mentor

Joseph Gilbert Kibe He was the chairman of the Murangga Celebrity Group.. [Courtesy]

Joseph Gilbert Kibe was one of the first permanent secretaries of President Mazi Jomo Kenyatta and Daniel Moi.

During the Kenyatta administration, Kibe was appointed by various ministries, including the Ministry of Water and Agriculture.

On Monday, Kibe chaired the meeting at the Manda Gatanga Water Planning Office and announced that it was scheduled to perform a heart operation on Wednesday for board members.

However, the patriarch has been receiving medical treatment at a Nairobi hospital. Captain Gilbert Machiahia Kibe, director general of the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA), said the family was devastated by the death of their father.

Captain Machiavelli: “Mzee was a community man with a passion for water, health and children’s education.

Kibe’s remarkable work in the civil service became the first victim of the Kanu regime in 1979.

Dismissed from the Civil Service He was recognized by then-Parliamentarian George Mwichigi and his now-deceased ally.

A.D. In 1983, Mwichigi was expelled from parliament because he belonged to a group opposed to President Moi’s leadership.

Candidates for the Kandaara by-election have been named, Kibe and Mburu Wanyoke.

Kibe was at the forefront of the campaign, but was opposed by Mujangga Kanu chief JJ Kamoto’s faction in the Chedu area of ​​Ndunyu Chege.

According to Mebe Miki, a former ally of Kibe, the idea of ​​entering politics came after Mwichigi was barred from running for office.

“The late Kibe was well-known for his role in many development projects in the vast Kandara constituency and for encouraging elders to compete,” Mickey said.

Established water project

A.D. In the 1970s, Kibe worked with community leaders to establish a canara water project in the Niagara area.

Edward Wachuri Kibe worked closely with Mwichigi and introduced fruit and vegetable cultivation in Kandara and Gatanga, earning millions of shillings to residents today.

Wachiuri: “He stood firm and worked with the community.

Muranga County Kibe was on the list of billionaires. He was appointed by the elders as the chairman of Muranggan Celebrity Group.

The members of the group are Royal Media Services Chairman Ske Macharia, Pope Gideon Gitiga, Maina Wanjigi, Amb Solomon Solomon Karanja, Mutoni Likimani, Nicholas Ngangga and Professor Lucy Irungu.

Transportation and Infrastructure Secretary James Macharera Kibe was a kind, humble, and wise man.

“Kibe was one of the icons of the Kenyan public service, which served as a PS during the early years of our independence. His commitment to the ministry and his patriotism were unparalleled. Our thoughts and prayers are with Ms. Kibe and her family. ”

Former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth says the deceased was a close friend of Kibe.

When I was a member of the Gatanga Parliament, I asked him to direct his favorite Gatanga water supply. “Kenya has lost a great son and a great man,” said Kenneth.

The Gatanga Water Trust, led by Jabi Karanja, has made significant contributions to the development of a number of water projects, including Itanga, Kigoro, and Regeta.

Kibe has served as Deputy Chair and Treasurer of the Board of Directors of the African Harvest Biotech Foundation.

He also served as chairman of the Kenya Horticultural Crops Development Authority to the Directorate of Horticultural Crops, Fisheries and Food (AFA).

The billionaire has a special interest in financial investment and corporate governance, having been appointed director of more than 10 private sector companies and nonprofits.

The investor has managed to keep his simple lifestyle out of the public eye and to make himself relatively unrecognizable.


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