For workers, a quarantine-free trip has been approved by fruits and vegetables

Vegetable New Zealand welcomes the government’s decision to start an independent freelance tour for RSE workers from the Pacific Ocean this October.

Additional health measures are in place to control the risk of CVD-19, including the need for staff to be vaccinated.

HortNZ CEO Nadine Tunley said the announcement was a relief to both the New Zealand horticultural industry and the affected Pacific communities.

“Making sure our RSE manpower is moving is a positive step that will give some confidence about the future of labor,” Nadine said. “Winter pruning is over and next year’s harvest will go somewhat.

But despite the increase in the number of RSE workers in the Pacific Ocean, the horticultural industry still lacks seasonal workers. That is why the whole industry is behind additional programs to attract more New Zealanders to horticulture.

Our government industry is grateful to the government for this agreement. We will continue to work closely with the government to ensure the safety of our workers, their workers and the wider community.

Details are still being worked on today, including when the flights will land.

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