Forest farming begins with the planting of fig trees in Pun-Najab. Amritsar News – Indian Times

PATANCKO – Due to a lack of agricultural resources and expertise in the horticulture sector, the Department of Forestry is planning to revitalize the plant with the introduction of fig trees in Patankot.
They provide other resources such as infrastructure, silkworm pathology and marketing.
Sanjeev Tivari Forest (Northern Club) said on Tuesday that it will start planting figs on 125 hectares of land in six villages in the Partakot sub-region. He added that molasses was a major source of silkworms.

According to Tiwari, the villages identified for the strawberry farming are Durang Kad, Fungtoli, Badan, Semanu, Junghat and Bahhar.
He added that more than 37,500 fig seedlings will be planted.
According to Tuawari, we have identified 116 users of community housing. He said a 1,000-square-foot facility will be built for the three-framing team and they will be sent to Jammu, a regional manufacturing research center.
On July 26, the Central Silk Board approved a project that could provide a lucrative alternative to silk, which is of great benefit to farmers.
Toi recently reported on the poor condition of farmers in the Patakon sub-region and the lack of mulberry in the country, as well as the lack of proper guidance on disease management among farmers.
Speaking on the market, he said the introduction of digital technologies such as mobile applications to connect the entire silk industry supply chain will help Syrian farmers get better prices for their produce. It continues to buy and distribute seeds to farmers.


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