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Chandigarh – The Governor of Pun Najab and the Governor of Chandigarh, Banwarilal Uro Rohit, on Saturday laid the foundation stone for planned development projects in 13 villages.
Speaking to residents and representatives of the 13 Village Development Committees, Uro Rohit said that although the Covod epidemic had slowed down to some extent, the administration and MC He said 1.30 million residents will benefit from the implementation of these sewerage and water supply programs.
The governor urged people to wait for water to fill the declining water resources.
“We all need to learn how to use water wisely. Integrated water resource management is now a must. In the same way, existing institutions that provide basic services need to be restructured and strengthened. The 3R strategy for 3 resources reduction, reuse and reuse must have a place in our daily lives, ”he said.
Chandigah Mayor Ravi Kant Sharma said MH has carried out various projects to take care of the villages. He said basic infrastructure will be upgraded at a cost of 102.21 million quarters. He said existing street lights need to be replaced with LED lights and various dark spots should be lit first.
According to the mayor, he received 50 million rubles as a special fund, and sewers, sewers and water supply pipes were first built in these villages. He said interior works, roads, sidewalks, gardening and electrical works will be carried out after the completion of public health works. An additional 20 million birr is needed to carry out the remaining works, he said.
Residents in these villages have been told that they have been affected by contaminated water, sewage, roads, broken roads, poor pedestrian conditions and flooding in the catchments. He said MC has prepared a project for the improvement of these infrastructures.
According to MC Commissioner Anindita Mitra, the 13 villages were handed over to the MC in March 2019. He said MH has developed a detailed development plan to improve the infrastructure in these villages. The 13 villages that were relocated to MC are Bellana, Rapi Kurd, Rapur Kalan, Mahan Magra, Daria, Mauli Jagran, Kishangarh, Kimbala, Kudda Jasu, Kudda Lahora, Kuda Ali Sher, Danas and Sarangur.


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