Framework identifies sustainable demand in the horticultural sector

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With the release of Australia’s growing horticultural sustainability framework, consumers will now have a better understanding of horticulture sustainability, ethics and farming practices. The framework is a national project in which more than 600 industry participants participated over a 12-month period and was launched by Hort Innovation to raise consumer awareness on the ethics and sustainable practices of major food producers across the country. Australian horticulture is constantly receiving the tools and systems responsible for environmental protection, said Matt Brand, general manager of Hort Innovation. The four key pillars of the framework include the growth of food that feeds us; The people and organizations that carry out the work; Issues related to our planet and the resources we use; Also reduce any waste in production. “Each fruit and vegetable industry decides how to use the framework, and some industries use the information gathered to develop their own unique approach to the industry,” says the framework. Read more Joseph Almbi, Australia’s Almond Board Marketing Manager, says the river is one of the world’s fastest growing almonds and the framework provides a broad “sustainable almond” way of understanding and understanding. Agriculture in Australia. “We have been working for 20 years to improve our almond sustainability framework and to improve the way we grow almonds and reorganize our goals and objectives in the future,” he said. As an industry participant, the Australian Almond Board has developed the framework to suit the needs of the Australian Almond Industry. According to Ebb, the industry can continue its continuous improvement process by developing an almond sustainability framework. “Australia’s almond industry uses water-saving drip irrigation, and approximately 95% of fruit farms are extremely efficient water management,” said Mr. Ebb. “The Sustainable Framework is helping us focus on expanding the use of plant bases and soil moisture measuring instruments to plan irrigation. This technology and science-led irrigation decision-making will further improve the water efficiency of our farmers.” For more information on Australia’s fruit and vegetable sustainability framework, visit here. Our journalists work hard to provide local, up-to-date news. Here is how to access our trusted content:

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