Framing machines are gaining ground in the horticulture sector

Boxes, Boxes and Kigs – Millions back and forth every day in the new product line. They also need to overlap and print. The logistics process is becoming more and more automated. However, things like packing, wrapping, and tying are still often done by hand. With full and semi-automatic sewing machines, this will stop. They increase efficiency and are now very common in agriculture and horticulture.

Fltr: In the Netherlands – Anika Baker, Marketing Coordinator; Frank Van Opin, product manager / project manager, and Aldrich Drent, general manager.

Started from In 1947 it was like a Swiss family business. It is now a multidisciplinary company with 40 offices and 1,200 employees worldwide. A.D. The Dutch branch was established in 1980 and now employs 30 people. Fromm has always been a household name in the metal, wood and concrete industries. In recent years, however, it has become increasingly involved in both the fruit and vegetable and ornamental industries. And Fromm solutions are becoming more and more relevant.

Their folding machines are less efficient. They also help companies work more sustainably. Aldrich Drent, general manager of Sign Netherlands: “In general, we are all interested in the subject. Small plastic is good. But it is also important to know how to use that material. ” “If the material is high quality, you need less. For example, you can put it on a net band thickness. And that’s profitable.”

Unlike wholesalers
Of course, there are many providers. That’s why banding and tying machines, automatic wrapping, etc. The main difference is that Fromm is a manufacturer, not a manufacturer. So, from design to delivery and maintenance, they do everything at home.

“That offers a lot of benefits,” says the product manager and project coordinator. For example, we can better advise our customer and produce to order. We have mechanics on staff. You can log in when needed for repair or replacement. Or lend to customers if necessary.

Most of the machines in Europe are manufactured in Italy and Germany. It is a machine in Italy; In Germany, there are both machines and bindings and protective equipment. The company has a recycling plant in Germany. There, PET grains are made from recycled PET bottles. This grain serves as the basis for polyester binding.

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