Free coffee for teachers and administrators in September

Hey teachers, school administrators and school staff, Wawa is giving you free coffee throughout September, according to Wawa’s official website.

Yes, you heard me right. Free coffee, every single day in September. cool. I guess I know where you are going every morning before you call that first school bell. Start the day right with some good, hot coffee (not cold coffee).

When everyone goes back to school because of the epidemic … This is the way to say “War to the class” when some people go back to school for the first time.

For your school friends … one free cup a day … any amount of Wawa fresh coffee (up to 24 ounces), throughout September. In addition to Wawa Standard and Decaf Coffee, you can find French vanilla, hazelnuts, and your pumpkin juice coffee for a while.

I’m sure when you go to school there is a wawa. If not, find a new way. Lollipop. There are Mowers around Mercer County. Free coffee is worth it, isn’t it?

In a statement, Wawa said, “When students and teachers return to school, Wawa is working in September to recognize teachers, educators, administrators and staff who teach, guide and motivate children in the regions where we work. . “

I have many teacher and administrator friends, including my twin sister, and I know how much they work every day by exploring virtual schools for the first time during the outbreak, especially last year and a half. They really deserve this free coffee.

Wow, thank you for understanding this great group of people.

Happy New Year.

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