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Happy Garden PIC: Robert Cassidy

Granny Smith, Frances de Ecose Institute, Edinburgh ***

Happy Garden, Duddingston Kirk Mansfield Gardens ****

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You choose! , Gathering George Square Gardens ****

Is this a knife? , Scottish Tale History Center *****

Scottish school holidays are now over. But so far, the thin 2021 frame has been great for a young audience, the venues are less crowded, and the number of new and established shows on offer. For example, it is a new French institution for France and Scotland Grandfather Smith, A full-fledged English course for French-speakers – or a French lesson for English-speakers – in the life of a little dotty Granny Smith.

Created and performed by Trace Boot Theater Transitions, a Scottish-born writer, producer and mask maker — according to her character — she now lives in France; Its threads are not completely untied. It was a great success, however, with some great audience engagement – a beautiful little boy named Boris, all of whom I admired for my performance, like my two great-grandchildren, who were hired to bake Pear’s crumbs – and an unforgettable image of Graney Smith herself, in a beautiful half-mask A dress embroidered in and embroidered with large red flowers. Finally, there is an opportunity for the audience to see and ask, some of the new masks Tracey Boot was wearing during the lockout, and of the more than half of the audience eager to stay and discuss, Grandpa won only a few hearts, He can.

Throughout the summer, there is nothing more than an outward show in a beautiful setting to lift the heart and refresh the soul. And theatrical ones Joy Garden, Playing in the beautiful Duddingston Kirk Menese Gardens, is a children’s show for the festival. Written by actor and director Cliny McKenzie, a strong and brilliant cultural Scots — and died last year, Theater’s most beloved art director, Charlie Nosowski — appeared at the Dudingstone Memorial in 2018; On the guitar, a cheerful and cheerful song shows us a delightful Tomshin who leads us all the way through the Magic Gate to Dr. Neil’s Garden. Or rather, into the magical land of Alba, where locust water is reflected in the trees and rowan trees are filled with berries. We have been warned that there is a problem; And we have never met Heather Bell, the gardener’s storyteller, who came up with a friendly tree to tell how all the trees and shrubs suffer from the evil Boggart. A terrible forest about death and pollution.

Even as we walk through the garden to meet the beautiful Lady Green and many other characters, they all help us protect our five senses and overcome the Boggarts. The five strongest actors, led by Robert Williams as Jesser, present the story with good humor and interest; And while we were in the garden on our mission, the kids in the audience were playing behind Tumishi on their whim, collaborating on the Daph Way songs (with the playwright John Samson) and being hired as the last day Pied Piper — albeit happily, completely good in spite.

There is a lot of green space in the gardens of George Square. But it is in the Palace de Variety spiegeltent that Scotland is reviving their favorite show, such as the Unprofessional Part Productions (the company behind the likes of hairdressers Malari and Shark in the Park). You choose!, Based on the books of Pippa Goodhart and Nick Sharrart. You choose! It is the most interactive part of the theater where the children in the audience – and sometimes even the adults – make choices about which characters we see and which stories we tell.

In the fast-paced and fun hour, actors Paul Besson and Carrie Mancini wear hats and costumes, jobs and destinations, and even an unsuitable orange cat for the show; And if fairy tales release a few loose edges, the show doesn’t look very exciting.

Regarding Andy Cannon Is this a knife?, Playing in the Scottish Storytelling Center: Well, this is actually a Scottish fairy tale that has been seen over the years in places from New York to Galway, and is as bright as ever in this one-hour fringe version. The story of Maccabees is both a wonderful creative story, and a powerful emotion in the context of this Scottish story, all in one excellent package. And there is as much audience engagement as this kind of story can carry; Not only do the audience play witchcraft, but they also learn how to play smarter and smarter than the powerful Mr. Canon, as he triggers every fireplace.

Grandpa Smith will be working until August 30. A happy garden and this is Duga? Until August 29; You choose! Until August 22,

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