From garbage to gardening, a Nairobi resident helps with sleep deprivation

NAIROBI, Aug. 27 (Reuters) – Ten years ago, a sealed plot of land in Nairobi’s Dandora district was a rare plant for the city’s wealthy residents.

Now the children are playing on the grass and the birds are singing in the branches above, relaxing among the avocado trees. Even the lush community garden has become the background for routers and other innovations to shoot their videos.

I would like to thank Charles Gahangan, 45, who grew up in the area when the change came.

“We came and cleaned up … we didn’t even have a penny,” said Gahanga, who started working with three friends at the Mustard Seed in the garden in 2013.

We only had that focus, we wanted to see how we could change our neighborhood.

Their project has inspired a network of green spaces built by the same community, with only 20 in Dandora. Maintenance costs are covered by community contributions and donations from external sources such as the excellent Foundation.

Residents near Guhanganga Green pay less than $ 1 a month for maintenance. People who do not have money often volunteer to plant or clear trees, says Ghangha.

“Nature makes us feel that we still exist,” says Javan Ofula, a gardener and gardener in Dandora.

Men harvest an avocado from a garden in Nairobi, Kenya, in the Dendorra neighborhood, on August 6, 2021. Picture taken on August 6, 2021. REUTERS / Baz Ratner

For other innovations, such as producer James Macharya, the place is good for business and soul. “I have a lot of customers who want to shoot a lot with me,” said Makaria, who made 50 music videos there.

In addition to enjoying the fruits of the avocado harvest, some children have begun to learn bird watching as the birds return to the green, ”said Evans Otino of Gahanga’s deputy.

After his friends were killed by a mob, Otino gave up his criminal life. He hopes that the way he works in the garden will inspire other young people.

“The next generation … is growing positively; Knowing that people need to live in a clean and green environment.

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