From our files, August 31 – The Advocate – The Messenger

By Brenda Edwards

100 years ago – 1921

• Central College alumni are expected to have a two-day meeting in Lexington while riding for the American Legion Commander. Louisville O’Neill was known abroad for his military service. The event included a big ball at Lafaye Hotel.

• WP Givens buys half interest in Danville Meat Market on Danville Grocery Company and Fourth Street. Gowns and Charles Crows run the business.

• Perville Cloud de Junior was elected president of the Kentucky Banks Association during a banking conference at the Louisville Selbach Hotel. He replaced Sturgis Charles Ellis. The youngest is a public bank and trust company in Perville.

75 years – 1946

• Kentucky State Hospital, which was purchased last summer by the federal government and will be located on the Shakerta Road in the buildings previously occupied by Darnell General Hospital, will be donated by Governor Simon Willis in September. There are more than 600 men and women with mental illness in 32 counties.

• Concrete construction at WN Casey for the supermarket on the northwest corner of Chaplin River and Makville Road is nearing completion and will open soon.

• More than 500 hunting licenses were sold this week at the John B. Nichols Junior, County Secretary’s Office. This includes state-wide tickets and those that only allow hunting in Boyle County. County licenses are $ 1 each and state licenses are $ 3 each. The licenses are good until the end of the year.

• Single Tobacco Basket and Lamber Co., Joint City of EG Singler and Co. Owners have started producing concrete blocks. Currently, the equipment installed there is capable of removing more than 1,000 blocks of concrete a day. All standard blocks are now available. The company employs 20 people.

50 years ago — 1971

• Danville’s attorney, Pierce Livili, has been appointed chairman of the Boule County County Ambulance Campaign, according to the Republican Campaign Headquarters in Louisville. Emberton is a candidate for governor and the host is a candidate for governor. He is the trustee of Livili Center College, and the president of the Danvilleville and Boyle Chamber of Commerce. Jackson is the vice president of Ephraim McDowell Memorial Hospital and a member of the local library board and the Cancer Society.

• Lawyer-Managing Editor J. Sterling Towels retires from the newspaper. He was replaced by Robert McNamarmar, editor of Kentucky Advocacy magazine. Towels After graduating from the University of Kentucky, he returned to 1925 and worked twice for the Danville newspaper. In 1927, he bought half an interest in the old Danville daily messenger, and sold it for a few years. Toules worked in real estate and represented Boyle County in the 1932 state legislature. He also served in the Army Department in Columbus, Ohio. A.D. In 1954 he returned to the legal profession and worked in the newsroom for 17 years.

• A $ 685,500 construction project is underway on South Central Bell Company utilities on South / Fourth Avenue. Enables and enhances telephone service. The $ 766.00 Central Office fee and exchange will be located on the third floor of the new facility and in addition to the back of the building. When the dial system came into operation, the first structure was built in 1958. It is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

• Plans for future Bull and Lincoln County Feeding Calf are available at Boyle County Stock Exchange. Three sales dates are in September and October.

25 years – –1996

• An old US military exercise grenade was found on the construction site of Fourth Street at the National City Bank construction site. More than $ 150 worth of rubble was smashed on Caldwell. No one was hurt in this part of the city, which lasted for about six hours and forced 25 residents to leave the city and close a few streets. Owens Excavation was working on the site when they saw a MK-2 grenade on the floor of the old bank building. Local police assisted with state police and the USA Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team. The military estimates that the grenade was in his 40s and 50s.

• Danville Montessori School celebrates his 25th birthday. The private school was started 25 years ago by Bill and Pat Crichfield. The school started with seven children and grew to 22 in 1976. The registration was in 1977 at 40.

• The Angora Club, owned by the city, is open to the public. It shows aerobics lessons, weight lifting and racket ball. The club, which was acquired by the city in August, is run by the entertainment department. The pool is temporarily closed.

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