From Tanks to Tractors – Veterans Move to Collect Taxes

NSW farmers are asking for help from former Australian Defense Forces men and women to help them harvest good crops during the epidemic.

Border Limits As farmers struggle to find harvest workers, Operation Harvest helps meet the urgent national need to harvest winter crops.

The NSW initiative, led by former ADF volunteers in partnership with government farms, including farmers, uses a Facebook page dedicated to connecting former and retired ADF workers to farmers, contractors and grain chain businesses.

Matthew Madden, chairman of the NSW Farmers’ Committee, said that by continuing to limit the availability of manpower through ongoing border restrictions, local workers should play a greater role in the next crop.

“After years of drought, we are ready for another crop, but NSW’s grain industry is expected to be short of about 1,000 workers,” Mr Madden said.

Since the COVID-19 epidemic, the availability of seasonal workers has been drastically reduced, and inconsistent rules on domestic travel have further undermined our confidence in our ability to develop sufficient manpower during harvest.

“We want a timely and successful harvest, and the experience of former ADF servants and women in areas such as heavy machine handling will make them candidates for sister harvest roles, many of whom are skilled or semi-skilled.”

During the Covenant-19 related travel restrictions, industries such as pulses and horticulture are facing severe labor shortages for the second consecutive year, and a number of measures aimed at boosting agriculture are a step in the right direction.

“NSW farmers have recently released a 10 point plan that requires assistance to curb labor shortages,” he said.

“Our plan includes measures such as speedy monitoring of workers’ licenses under the current labor program and the Pacific Employment Program, relief for domestic workers such as HECS, and short-term financial support for farm and regional workplaces, transportation and shelter. Kovid-19 is fine. ”

Operation Harvest Aid began on Monday, September 6, and farmers are invited to register their demands on / groups / 1741781399347127.

Click here to see a 10-point plan for NSW farmers.

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