‘Fruit and Vegetable Jewelry’ – Eddie James has been working with the Green Oak Garden Center since 1964

Edith James – Horticultural Jewelry, whose knowledge has been blessed by the Jackson community for over 60 years.

Karen Macky Eddie, owner of Green Oak Gardening and Flower Shop, who bought the store from her husband Moore and her father and mother Billy and Rita Martinson, is known locally as the “Great Label.” If you want to know about a plant, you can bring a stick, ”said Karen. In many parts of Jackson, he has noticed that in the last 50 years, there have not been many yards that have not been influenced in any way.

Eddie began working in the field of landscaping shortly after the company was founded by Billie Martinson in Jackson. Eddie’s father, Rocar James, was one of the first employees of Pocahontas, Green Oak. During his high school years, Eddie was with his father in the summer. Eddie was impressed by her immediate interest in educating herself on plant material and care, her father Karen often says. During lunch break, Billy noticed that Eddie had gone behind the scenes to study brands, chemical packages, and plant maintenance leaflets. His curiosity and curiosity about the best practices in the landscape industry allowed him to make his own observations and develop the standards that Green Oak still uses today. As the years went by, Eddie took on more responsibilities and became a full-time gardener. He has become an environmentalist in herbal care, herbicides, rose, calcium, and shrubs.

Among those who knew him, Eddie’s most striking feature was his calm demeanor and his kindness. He listens attentively to clients and partners. He will tell you that he has learned a lot from his customers. Believe in Eddie’s advice why people ask him. Honesty and loyalty work deep in the family of James. “As a child, I remember Eddie and his brother P. Wayne in our garden, as my father had commanded,” said Billy and Rita’s first daughter, Ginny Weman, who plays a key role in the Green Oak family. Dad and James Boyce were always together, and this created an indelible bond. Eddie has been the voice of comfort and presence over the years.

Eddie grew up with an amazing work ethic and a positive attitude that makes his work fun for everyone. “Because Eddie stands for values, loyalty and faithfulness, many of the staff who helped Green Oak grow up will only return to greet Eddie with kind words and get up-to-date information.

“Many children from the Green Oak family were raised by Eddie. No one can understand why Eddie never grows old. Maybe the past (and present) softball activities will keep him alive, but we believe his beautiful view of life will keep him from getting old. ”

“If you have never seen Eddie smile, you just have to come and see how real happiness can be. “Green Oak appreciates his presence for 60 years and is fortunate that even though he retired years ago, he still has part-time to help.”

He is now focusing on dressing the bed to refresh them. Combines color plants for flower pots. He especially enjoys growing rose and producing calcium. Its secret – the right soil mix and fertilizers. Knowledge of gardening practices – diseases, insects, grass care, shrub and tree identification and care, annual, annual, gardening, fruit trees, foliage and soils are extensive.

Edit tips

Soil mix for roses – empty root

• Add 1/3 layer of soil, 1/3 of sand for drainage, 1/3 of soil – add loose compost for mixing.

Planting an empty root;

• Trim the roots, clean them, and trim the sprouts to the outside so that the bush can grow open and grow outward.

• Use a root canal after planting for “insurance”

Care for the growing rose;

• Spray weekly with a mixture of fungi and pesticides to prevent blackheads, ticks and lice.

• Inspect plants before you buy them for insects or diseases

• In February, cut the Hybrid Tea roses in large clusters in the spring to decorate them with fresh leaves. Remove dead and small sticks.

Calcium care;

When mixing bulbs into colored pots, use No. 1 large bulbs for larger and richer leaves.

Combine several bulbs in one pot, making a full, lush combination

Cut the “eyes” on the bulb or turn the bulbs upwards so that the stems are up and thick.

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