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How old are you swearing because there is nothing new under the sun? I’s five (not pounds – inflation) is simply “what our grandparents did” If I had ever heard of regenerative farming coming up for a hard education I could have bought a five-furro reversal.

But what? Learn how to plow with small amounts of chemicals, along with pipe smoking and Morris’s little boy’s use.

Now that it seems reliable, there may be a time after these products, dusting off some old ideas and looking at how they work in this century.

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I’m just like any other person or institution, I am happy to meet my own needs, but in the meantime, it needs to be balanced and suppressed by those who are improving our industry.

In the same spirit, let me briefly mention two institutions on this week’s news: the Agricultural and Horticultural Institute (TIA) and the Board of Agriculture and Horticulture Development. AHDB (using the right name) is happily celebrating brand recovery practices.

When he finally found out who was sending the money, he did not carefully ask the farmers to cancel it and now he is glad that no one said anything.

Tiyah is set to address the crisis of hiring and retaining farm workers (but only in the UK).

He received £ 1.8m from Defera for this purpose and is currently hunting for 300 farmers. Such assistance is needed or not.

None of these bodies could save their lives on the farm alone. And any taxpayer or taxpayer must check to see if it represents a monetary value.

But I prefer to be part of an industry that has the potential and ambition for big ideas, rather than the shy sector that fears failure.

In response, criticism from farmers in that spirit should be accepted rather than discouraged, and should be so great that no one is strong, public or private, to the point of forgetting that they have no right to live.

He did a good job of explaining your priorities – now your job is to deliver on them. And good luck Tia – we hope you will return some of your daring money to your farmers team by paying on time.

Are you saving stories for yourself?

Ten years ago, one of my favorite columnists was The Secret Footballer. The Guardian.

Anonymity gave them a chance to be more open and honest.

I want to be able to do that now Farmers’ Weekly. I want to hear from you if you think we can lift the lid on the undergrown agricultural sector.

Maybe you are a farmer, a member of a government agency, or a grain trader.

You may want to be honest about your tenant’s relationship. There are many other examples.

If you have any concerns and would like to get paid for them, please contact me at andrew.meredith@markallengroup.com.

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