Garbage, sewage near Sector 9 parks has plagued residents of Chandigarh.

Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 28

Neighborhood parks in Sectors 9-A and B are surrounded by fruit and vegetable waste.

The locals are very angry. They say vegetable and fruit waste near parks has not been removed for a long time. People dump their garbage outside their homes in the hope that MC fruit and vegetable garbage trucks will pick them up. But this does not happen.

Horticultural waste does not depart from Sector 9-A and B parks. A garbage dump has been dug to make manure. No official will take care of this well. In addition, other wastes will never be removed. SS Siddu, Secretary-General, Residents’ Safety Association, Sections 9-A and B

Visit the area and show that there are horticultural waste bins at eight locations around the parks. Garbage was dumped even on the service line near the park. Construction debris has also been dumped here.

“Once the wreckage was dumped here by staff with disabilities. You did not return to remove. Authorities say they should have a bakery to pick up such waste at least once a week or more.

SS Siddu, residents’ charitable association, Sector 9-A and B Secretary-General, “Horticultural waste does not arise from Sector 9-A and B parks. To prepare manure, a garbage dump was dug. There is no official supervision of this well. On top of that, no more garbage. ”

Meanwhile, local councilor Mahinginder Singh Sidou said, “Horticultural waste is regularly removed. It is also scheduled to pick up this waste in Section 9 every Friday. There are still some issues to be addressed.

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