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North Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – This week’s story is about what you can buy. It’s about a purchase I made two years ago and I came to the conclusion that it may be the best money I have ever spent on my garden. “Best” in the sense of plant success in a large area.

It was two years before the Fall. Outside the main hall, I pulled out a large garden bed next to the large window in front of my kitchen table. I guess a lot of people give priority to street views, in front of their homes. For me, though, when I sit down for a meal and some family time – or simply enjoy my morning coffee while reading my paper – the view from my kitchen table is an extension of my garden time. A visual confirmation of what I have done and am doing to make my backyard more fun than where I work. The fruit of labor in good looks.

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Coincidentally, the cleaning of this big bed coincided with my story on the ‘Box in Paradise’ program. I picked it up a week and a half later on the TBC South Campus. The kit comes with coloring tabs and numbers along with the ordered plants. It could not have been easier. It was a spring planting, so the plants did not start growing properly until next spring.

Keith worked for me as expected. Not every plant has grown. Those who loved that place in the sun and the soil did better than others. I still found a fully-fledged pollen garden (although one of the pollen grains in the selection and a so-called aggressive one bought a little in the fog). I don’t care, as long as the constant flow of bees and butterflies continues, I am as happy as any gardener.

It costs about $ 3 per plant. But the real value included guidelines. Not only are there three basic designs to adapt to your space, but there is also information on how to care for plants over long distances. This year the program also offers a version of Shad, I hope the answer to most of the problems is around the big trees.

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My best advice is to make sure you have 125 square feet of space. It may seem like a scary waste of space when you first put in your small startup plants. But trust me, after about two seasons of growth, those plants became very sticky as they filled the space.

The boxes must be obeyed by September 20, so that you can find a hope not far from your home. If you choose to try this, please take a photo of your newly installed bed. In a few years, I would like to see another picture of the same garden bed. I want to show others how a well-thought-out “garden in a box” can fill your garden with minimal maintenance. And, I hope you have a good look when you drink your coffee in the morning.

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