Garden care tips cover Pointsetia care, pecans and nuts, and ice melt.

History of Poinsettia

For the first time in the 17th century, the Francesco monks used the Poncetia plant near the Euphorbia pulcherrima (Texas, Mexico). There are very large shrubs up to 15 feet tall. Pointias was not introduced to the American market until 1825.

Joel Poinset, the first US ambassador to Mexico, returned home to Greenville, South Carolina, and worked with herbalists and fruit lovers. A.D. Albert Eck, from Germany in 1902, began cutting flowers in California. Shortly afterwards (1909) he began specializing in Pointsethe and the company has since become world-renowned as a Pointscent production expert. He is a philanthropist who has produced many books and guides for the development of Pointius. Because of their willingness to share their knowledge and production tools, they have become suppliers of Pointsetia cuts around the world. In short, growing a Pointia crop is a complex process.

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