Garden clubs decorate a historic home for Christmas

Members of the Glen County Garden Club Council on Tuesday unveiled the main building at the Hoffwill-Broadfield Plant for the Golden Island Festival.

Priscilla Jordahl, a member of the Brunswick Magolia Garden Club, recalls that the State of the Clubs Club had been in the historic dentist for some time. About 35 years or more. For the past several years, the Magnolia Club and the Sea Oats Club in Glenn have been involved.

Dozens of ladies from both clubs were banned in the morning from live and imitation plants – due to the confusion caused by certain growths such as berry or pine needles – and repaired around the once-owned historic house. Dental family.

“We have all started greening,” says Jordan. “It makes everything more fun.”

She says that all live plant life comes from club members’ backyards, and there are many varieties, from flowering plants to greenery.

Members of the community are welcome to visit the historic home on Friday and Saturday to enjoy the fruits of their labors. Tours will be held both nights from 6-9 p.m.

After dark, a light-filled street under centuries-old live oak trees leads visitors to the Antebell House to hear from gardeners about the history of the garden – if they are dressed up. Near the house, local reporters report on soldiers celebrating Christmas and firing cannons.

Other seasonal attractions, such as Santa Claus – offers a shop next to a cozy fireplace and listens to the questions of good boys and girls – and a spicy Christmas vampire at a two-night event.


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