Garden Column – Fall Ideas


Kate Kopisi, T&D Associate

Kate Kopisi T and D Garden Column

Although the weather is still warm and humid, the length of the day is significant at the end of August. The temperature will not drop until the end of September, but now is the time to turn your garden into a fall.

Harvest colors range from dark red to orange and yellow to chrysanthemums. If you hold your chrysanthemums back in late spring and mid-summer, they should now be close to flowering. The ones you found in the store may already be in bloom, so if you want it to stay on Halloween, choose the one that is still growing for your garden. Many chrysanthemums in stores in early September, which have not really grown for many years and are grown in a greenhouse area, may need some reinforcement before you can prepare for your porch in front of the sun.

Garden Column: Support for vines

Another common annual rudbeckia in the autumn garden, Black Eye Susan, is a group of flowers of many varieties to grow your annual garden, but they are all classified as fall daisies. Colors range from the usual yellow daisies in the dark central eye, to dark red dice and range in size from 12 inches to 3 inches.

Unlikely to fall, the constellation is another daisy plant, but instead of the usual harvest colors, the stars are blue or sometimes pink. Smaller daisies grow up to 2 to 3 feet tall in the summer, so they are perfect for growing and blooming during the summer when the best of the year is over.


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