Garden furniture: lemon verbena

Justin Lowe brought in the lemon verbena, which was another first for backyard gardens today. He used it to make a top of his own baked fish soup! Brendan Mackie and Nena Pacoloke loved the fish with the soup and highly recommended it!

Lemon verbena is said to be the most fragrant plant in the world. Many people mistaken lemon juice for lemon verbena, but they come from two different plant families. Lemongrass is a member of the mint family. Lemon verbena belongs to the family Verbenaceae and originates in South America.

Despite preaching in warmer climates, Lemon Verbena grows well in Wisconsin during the summer. With proper soil, fertilizer and moisture conditions, it can grow up to several feet. Justin grew the plants in clay soil and fertilizer and did not need fertilizer. The plant grows well in the sun.

It can be used to make tea or to taste any food that a lemon needs. It also has a hint of sweetness. It is said to have many medicinal properties.

Justin used lemon verbena as a filler.


  • Butter
  • Salt
  • Fish seeds
  • Wine
  • Lemon Verbena Leaves

The size of the item depends on the size of the fish you are hoping to serve. If you are serving a large salmon leaf or 15 to 20 small freshwater fish, you will probably need 1 stick butter and 1/4 cup (canned) lemon verbena leaves.

Sprinkle a little of the butter over the top for the soup. Add finely chopped lemon verbena leaves and a glass of wine (Justin used sweet homemade blackberry wine). Be careful not to burn the lemon verbena leaves and cook on low heat for a minute or two. They may be slightly brown, but they do not want to be dark and narrow. Lightly salt the fish and cook with butter. For turkey and salmon, Justin cook at 290 degrees for 90 minutes on low heat.

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