Garden Help Desk – Gathering seeds from your garden is much easier than it used to be

Question This year, we bought seeds to use in our garden, hoping to harvest some seeds for future use. I read online to allow zucchini to be really big (much bigger than eating), and that’s what I did. When I opened it, the seeds were not as big as I had sown. So, my question is here – what are the consequences of a completely unprepared seed harvest? Isn’t it worth it?

Answer – Unripe seeds will not work. Zucchini seeds are not big enough, they should be big enough to keep your nails from chewing. The pumpkin will be hard to open, so be careful when you open it. To remove any squash meat, select the seeds, wash them in a strainer or bowl. Once the seeds are clean, wipe off excess moisture with a paper towel and separate large and dense seeds from any unripe seeds. Distribute ripe seeds to dry on uncovered soil and store in a cool, moisture-proof container. Do not forget to label the packaging with the harvest year.

There is one more important detail about saving zucchini seeds that you need to remember. Unless you give in to the pollination of other compatible squash plants, next year’s harvest will not be the same as zucchini and may not look like zucchini at all. If you want to save the seeds from your zucchini plant, you need to prevent female insects from infecting your zucchini plant and manually fertilize your zucchini plant with pollen. Male and female flowers should be protected to prevent bee stings before collecting and transmitting pollen. The female flower must be protected later to prevent further transmission of pollen by bees.

Question My spruce trees look scary, and they look boring. The top of a tree is brown, and all the trees have many brown needles on the ground. Some of them have dust at the base of the trunk. There have been watering issues for some time, but this year I am fixing things and getting water every day, and I give them extra water once a week. I spray trees to treat the ground around the trees, but they don’t seem to be improving. Are there any systematic needles that work best for brushes?

Answer – The problem with your spruce trees may be the bark beetles, they are not boring, but any insects you catch are generally too late to do anything for them until they see the signs you see with your trees. . Pesticides do not reach any beetles or bark beetles in the trees and the needles do not support the trees until you have reduced them.

Damage to the trees is irreversible, so prevention is important. Bored and bark beetles are attracted to stressful or declining trees. Deep, occasional watering will help keep your trees free of stress and less attractive to gardeners. They need to dive once or twice a week in the heat of summer, especially in such a hot summer.

If you have trees that are still doing well, it will help them to drink more deeply, but more often. Your grass will be even better with less frequent watering. You can help your healthy trees by identifying the type of borer or tree beetle that invades your dying trees. A certified farming expert can help you identify the insect’s symptoms under the bark, which can be used to identify them. Once you know what kind of pest you are carrying, you can plan the right protection options to protect your remaining trees. If the problem is bark beetles, systemic pesticides or soil treatments are not helpful, so it is important to identify the pest.

With proper watering and proper spraying at the right time, you need to be able to keep your remaining trees healthy for many years to come.


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