Garden Hunters Garden at the Market Draton Charity Garden

Jason Oldtou and Allison Farmworth from Drsenshire-based bridge planters

The Dorothy Cleve Garden near the market town of North Shropshire was packed with plants and flowers for sale this Sunday and Monday.

Dorothy Clive Gardens regularly hosts gardeners’ shows organized by Janet and Martin Bile, which is a fundraiser for the garden, which is a charity event, and hosts regular events and talks.

There was a spectacular lineup of senior specialist nurseries and craftsmen from Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and Gloucestershire to make the Bank’s holiday weekend as special as possible for gardeners.

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Plant Hunters Show at Dorothy Clive Garden near Market Draft

Gob itors are able to browse the site’s wide selection of vendors and offer discounts from a variety of stores.

Plant Hunting Shows Founded in 2007 by Janet and Martin Blue from Hankello, Cheshire.

The couple said they are proud to host special performances where admission is low and some are free.

When an entry fee is paid, all proceeds go to the charity’s garden to ensure that the gardens are protected and returned in the future.

Plant Hunters Show at Dorothy Clive Garden near Market Draft
Plant Hunters Show at Dorothy Clive Garden near Market Draft

Martin said it was a great way to get out of the Dorothy Clive Garden Show and enjoy the last few days of summer, and they look forward to visiting again and seeing the staff.

“This exhibition at Dorothy Clive Garden is the first of its kind and is now in its 14th year, so it is a very important fundraiser for the garden,” Martin said.

“This special fundraising event is dedicated to the charity Willowbridge Garden, which takes care of these wonderful gardens.”

Martin says businesses for events are all based on the quality and knowledge of their plants and products.

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