Garden of the Week – Mertoun House Gardens, St Boswells, Roxburgh

Why we should visit

The borders of Scotland are a reminder of the great history of the great states and the history of the garden. From the land of the park to the fertile garden, which houses the Mertu house and its staff, it has all the features of an 18th-century mansion.

The only thing about Mertoun is the rift in the countryside over the Tweed River, with 26 hectares around the house filled with beautiful trees and open fields.

History of the garden

Mertoun House was designed for Sir William Bruce by Harden Sir William Scott and was built in 1703-05. Little is known about the original history of the gardens, but at least some may have considered the house in advance.

Many of the great trees that have now reached maturity were planted as seedlings at the time of the house’s creation, but the original residence, the old Mertu home, with its special pink-washed walls still stands. It was built in 1677 and was part of a walled garden.

Today, it is the home of the main gardener, who takes care of the gardens on behalf of the Mertu Gardens Trust.

The trees around the garden are protected from the cold winds by allowing many different plants and flowers to grow, but they have opened up large areas and made good use of views.


Mertu’s fortified garden sits on a southern slope, where it can enjoy long hours of sunshine. It covers three hectares and includes glass houses and frozen frames, which are an important part of fruit production during the days when each large dining table was the standard.

Today it is in full swing, with rows of unusual vegetables, tropical houses filled with figs and figs.

Beyond the walled garden, Mertu also has vegetative boundaries, this time occupied by Hydrangeas, Persia, and high pampas grass.

Don’t miss it

Arboretum, which has been established for the past 50 years, has already been added to the impressive tree collection. It has both wood and hardwood and is accessible on many walks in most gardens.

Another thing to consider

The circus Docot on Morton is thought to have been the oldest in Scotland since 1567.

Great time to visit

As long as the leaves are green and fresh in early spring, the market will open its doors to visitors until the trees begin to show signs of harvest. Summer is in full swing in the walled garden, and the vegetation borders are in good condition and it is a favorite time with many Mertoun visitors.

Any recommendations in the region?

The wreckage of Dreberg’s Abby, sit a short distance from Mertu. Founded in 1150, it was a center of monastic life for 400 years until the Reformation. Today, your high walls provide accommodation for a wide variety of bats, and Sir Walter Scott’s tomb is located in a beautiful landscape.


Mertoun Gardens is located 2 miles northeast of St. Boswell at B6404.


Marton Gardens are open Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday through September 30, from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

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Philippine State



Since the Roman invasion in 1645, when the Royalists, under the command of the Montroz Marcus, were defeated by Covenant soldiers, Philippi witnessed a riot near Selkirk. Today, the good news is much more peaceful for the many visitors who come to explore the many attractions of this country near Selkirk.

In his heart is a fully restored walled garden filled with flowers and products for sale.

At the Salmon View Center, a spectacular battle is fought over the Etheric River, and the hydroelectric power is used to turn two giant archimedes turbines, which generate enough electricity to power 225 homes. .

There is a beautiful walk from the hydro station to the River Atrix and Yaro meeting and then a further trek to the water cafe in the woods.

The old compound on the property is Celkirk’s first gene pool. The Selkirk distribution system, which will be operational from March 2019, has benefited greatly from the area. Organic plants grown by gardeners, or gardeners, have been used successfully in their popular products.

In their two major crops, Selkirk and Bannock Guin, one of the major flowering plants, the gourds are often attracted by districts. Popular fruits such as Raspberry & White Chocolate, Plum & Bramble, White Currant & Mint, and Sloe Berry & Spiced Apple have emerged from wall gardens.

The Philippines is a good example of a traditional border property that has found a new purpose and is playing an active role in the local community.

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