Garden renovation in Stolley Park by hitting obstacles in the GI

Grand Island, NAB (KNNB) – Stoley Park Renovation has suffered some damage along the way but friends of Grand Island Parks are actively working on the project.

Returning to their vision, they approached the Parks and Recreation Room.

“We try to be good partners and park friends lead the project and we think it’s a great project for Stoley Park,” said Todd Makoi, director of the Great Island Parks and Recreation Department.

Friends of the Grand Island parks began to raise money once they left, and when they had at least enough money to lay concrete, they tore most bricks in July.

“Once that concrete is established, we will remove one-sided gardens, all plants, prepare all the garbage and plant them by the end of October,” said Dr. Ken DeFrank, a contributor to the Stoley Park Garden Project.

It’s been a month and the concrete work is still not done and some people have already called and complained.

“We had someone who wanted it to work as quickly as possible, and we agreed,” Makoi said. We, the Friends of the Parks, hope that the contractors will complete it as soon as possible and reopen Stoley Park.

However, due to the shortage of concrete drivers and the inconsistent weather conditions, it was delayed.

“There are always hurdles when it comes to project-based learning and there are external delays from the outside and there are just so many of them, like the epidemic, like concrete drivers,” Defraft said.

He also said that DeFrankk will not be overnight as a community-based project sponsored by eight different organizations.

“It takes time and it takes a lot of ideas, it takes a lot of planning,” said Daffron. “Then we can have all the different components on one page and then apply it. So yes it takes time, we have to be patient.

DeFranc is the director of the Great Island High School of Higher Success and sponsors one of the gardens. He said that this was one of his greatest projects.

“Plants are here. This is the way to go, ”said Defrak.

If the weather permits, the concrete company will be completed next week. And friends of Grand Island Parks will not be able to move on to the next project until they have the money to do so. So, if you are interested in helping, you can contact the team on Facebook or call the GI Parks and Recreation Department at (308) 389-0290.

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