Garden Tips – Now is the time to cut roses, spray them a little, and pick your pearls

Get Ready for Rose – To prepare roses that do not sprout in October and November, prune about one-third of their height in late August or early September. Also, remove any dead stems and weak, sharp growth.

Mice and Flies, Oh My – Spider mites and white flies are now common, and many gardeners are experiencing severe epidemics. Apply year-round oil or all-season oil several applications before getting out of hand. For best control, spray the leaves from the bottom and spray in the morning when it is cool.

I recently went to a sunflower farm in Pekayun, Mississippi, to cut as many flowers as I wanted. When leaving the FA…

On the web: The fine-grained silver lining of the bark of local trees is caused by small insects called pisces or bark lice. These scammers are completely harmless to the trees and need no control.

Hanging: If your spring-loaded egg and pepper plants are still in good condition, you can generally rely on them to produce a good crop. Control pests and water and fertilize the plants as needed. As the temperature cools, they begin to produce more fruit.

Develop some street appeal for your home with Dan Gil’s tips - but it’s good to keep things simple

The term “appeal” is usually used when talking about homes, but it is also important for a home that is not for sale.

Lifting wood; Harvest season until the end of August. The best fresh fruit is produced when the fruit is ripe from the tree. Choose solid wood that has started to show yellow or red. Wrap it in newspaper, put it in paper bags or in cardboard boxes. They soften in about 10 days. This is not necessary if you plan to cook and refrigerate or if you can pepper.

Lagnipe for gardeners: Summer vegetables are mixed with cold-seasons in the garden.

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Dan Gill is a retired consumer horticulturist with LSU AgCenter. He will host a “Garden Show” on WWL-AM on Saturday.


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