Garden with Mickey – Now plant for spring gardens

Now is the time to think about the fall garden. I have a rich 20-year history with the Dutch tulip, so the tulip is a must. Recently, however, I have been thinking about many different varieties and crayola paint boxes in my front and back gardens.

The new harvest planting catalogs showcase a variety of spring flowers to enhance your garden. K. Van Burgundian Magazine was inspired by wine labels to name their choices, including Cabinet, Chantiley, Mokasato, Pinot Gregio, Pinot Nour, Riley, Sangria and Zinfandel. The names of the flowers resemble the color of many grapes.

Other choices have less intoxicating names. So, I opted for Mount Everest’s giant ice rink, the hibiscus St. Grail, the edge tulip Raspberry Ripple, the butterfly Daffodil Zinzi and the brochure Paro Tulip.

I was ready for the phone in my order, I could not resist the bloody Daily Cosmic struggle. It has strong cranberry vines with cracked gold edges and a dark water mark above the eye. Catalog “Colors do not fade in sunlight and do not add panac to mixed borders. It is very fruitful, Four branches produce healthy shoots.

I paint the bright colors of the garden with white or cream accents. On the edge is a purple-red ivory tulip, diamond jubilee. Combined with white parrot tulip, it should be a wonderful contrast to other bright colors of the garden.

The brake catalog was also attractive. The rainbow in the color of a rainbow includes a tree that grows to human heights. Twenty-three different date flowers have been identified. So, I always add the first, allium, cyclamen, hyena, flower and crochet to bloom.

We expect to see a lot of greens in the garden, but the brakes provide ammonia, bearded iris, daffodils, snowflakes and tulips in the range from table to purple. You promised to bring these “fireworks to your landscape.” Their suggestion? Beautifully lily mixed with warm natural colors of flowers.

What could be more beautiful and visually appealing in a spring garden than a colorful, fun-looking technique? I call it the “smorgasbord” for the garden. And yes, I ordered a lot of flowers.

Mickey J. Shelton is a native of Moscow and a major gardener.


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