Garden with Mickey – Yard practices urban conservation in the Yard program

There is a vegetable revolution in Oklahoma. It started in Oklahoma City and spread to Tulsa. He is now coming to Muskogee. It is a quiet revolution in your garden, and is sponsored by the Muskogee County Conservation District. It’s called “Yard by Yard,” and you can join this community outreach program if you want.

The Papilion-sponsored program at Glory Heights Park is designed to help gardeners improve their land, save water, and get pest-free grass. That does not mean using artificial plants, pesticides or pre-emergency applications.

Yard hopes to incorporate clean-up practices that promote clean water in the yard and environmental remediation that will have a positive impact on the environment. It’s called “do the right thing” for your community.

“The Yard by Yard program is part of our mission to protect butterfly habitats and to adapt to earth-friendly practices,” said Papilion Director Catherine Coburn.

Tulsa Kathy Chadele is leading the Muscogie Project following four guidelines on soil, water, food and living space.

Soil: It requires the use of organic fertilizers and fertilizers to retain organic matter that increases moisture in the soil.

Water: This category refers to the planting or planting of heat-resistant plants that use very little water. An efficient irrigation system that uses rainwater is essential. This guide recommends effective irrigation equipment to catch rainwater, such as rain barrels, or rainwater waste.

Food – This category refers to the planting of gardens and orchards, the use of cover crops or the presence of fruit crops, trees or shrubs. The instructions also refer to the grazing or grazing animals, such as chickens or goats. It is also recommended to take care of honeycomb hives to produce honey.

Housing – This guide requires the utmost attention. Monarch suggests the use of plants and milk that are well suited to attract butterflies. Other criteria include reducing or eliminating invasive plants in your landscape. It also refers to the removal of weeds or weeds. However, functional and flowering grasses are not protected like clover.

Variety of plants provide nectar and pollen to wild animals during the growing season. Creating beehives, birdhouses, or bats is another idea. There is no reward for participating in the yard – just a sign that you care about the environment in your yard.


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