Gardener World to showcase TJ Maher Patana Garden

Patana, a village in the village of Kiltegan, will be broadcast on BBC 2 by the Gardeners’ World Winter Special.

Atna Vegetable is a TJ Maher invention at NCAD, trained as an artist and trained in national orchards. This award-winning garden is one of the best small gardens in Ireland in Shirley Langan’s book ‘The 100 best gardens in Ireland’.

TJ was first contacted by the popular TV series researcher Patthana Garden on Instagram, although at first he felt that someone was dragging his feet.

“At first I thought it was some kind of scam, but I was impressed by the fact that the show’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s’s”s’s’s”s’ They had and it didn’t seem to happen until next year, ”said TJ.

But, fortunately, one of the gardeners’ world cameras had a holiday home in Ireland that he would visit in August, which would allow him to travel to Patana Garden to do some shooting and talk to the TJ.

“It worked really well because August was the best year for the garden. The staff were only slightly beaten by a cameraman, but a computer was set up in the garden to chat with the organizers. We can only be sure when the cameraman walks in front of us, but everything is fine. It is very good for us and will enhance our profile, ”added TJ.

During the recording, TJ spoke about the initiative behind the design of the garden and said it would not use any chemicals.

“They were especially interested in the spiritual aspects of the garden. We do not use any chemicals on Patthana. It is about the relationship between plants and nature and the connection between respecting and spraying that relationship. As an artist, they wanted the background and the color and layout of the garden, which is basically my canvas.

Patthana Garden is one of the few Irish gardens in the world for gardeners, and the winter special will be broadcast at Kiltegan Garden on BBC 2 December 17 at 8pm.

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