Gardeners in and around Teller County show off their skills this weekend at a greenhouse and garden tour

To ensure the fertility and ingenuity of gardeners in the Taylor County area, the Fifth Annual Greenhouse and Garden Tour features high-altitude produce.

“We understand that there are some challenges in growing fruits and vegetables here,” said Mark Platon, executive director of the Colorado State Extension Office and Master Planter Program in Terler County.

The two-day tour is Saturday, August 28 And Sunday, August 29 And includes greenhouses, outdoor gardens and products produced in geodetic dome.

Everyone has their own reasons for gardening. I grew up on a farm, and gardening is in my blood. ” I don’t think it’s complete without something growing in my soil.

During the Great Depression, from 2008 to 2009, many people increased their production in the region.

“Larry Stebbins and I have given a few programs in the county on how to grow a garden here,” citing the founder of Peak Peak City Gardens. There are also concerns about certain pesticides and insecticides in commercial products.

Throughout the visit, home gardeners will be ready to share their tips for successful planting.

For visitors, the visit is to look at the possibilities as they gather ideas for their own garden.

For gardeners with greenhouses, one of the challenges is to release heat. “We need heat to grow plants, but too hot is not a good thing,” says Platon. You need to find that sweet spot.

Some gardeners are talented, sometimes resisting research on successful planting at high altitudes.

“Plants are not interested in research,” says Platon. “The gardeners are members of a community that is interested in growing up and feels that they are thinking of a few things that others did not have. They share their doubts and failures. ”

The two-day tour is free and open to the public. The first day of the tour is Saturday, in the vicinity of Woodland Park, but includes a garden in Chipta Park. Sunday visits include gardens at Lake George, Fluorescent and Silent Acres in Woodland Park. One of the exhibits is a garden at Wodland Park Community Church, which donates its produce to the Food Bank in partnership with the community. Supported by the Church, the garden is a partnership of Harvest and Harvest.

Presented by The Harvest Center and Master Gardeners, the tours are open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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